Highlights: Handy Quinoa Dish, Online Window Shopping

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls
Courtesy Pinch of Yum

One night this week, we had Mediterranean-inspired quinoa bowls, which I first saw on Pinterest by way of Pinch of Yum. I don’t do the red pepper sauce – instead I just stir store-bought pesto into the hot quinoa. I highly recommend: both easy and delicious, particularly if you keep pesto, cucumber, and feta in the house at all times (as I do).

And, lastly – I hit up Matches Fashion earlier, which is one of my favourite internet pastimes. (Like window shopping, but in pajamas).

I saw this, and thought: “How hideous!”

mary katrantzou jumpsuit 2016
Stripey jumpsuit?

Right? It’s awful!

And then I saw this, and thought: “Wow. What a dress!” I will not purchase, but I want to.

self-portrait raspberry tiered dress

We almost never go on romantic, balmy getaways (read: once we went to Mexico), but that dress makes me want to plan a warm romantic trip so I can wear it in Capri or Malta or something, while drinking on a beachside patio with my husband. (Ugh! Anthrobourgerie!)

(Ps. over my shoulder, said husband saw picture of dress and said: “I don’t really like red dresses.” (!) Unfortunately for him, when I hit 75, I plan on wearing more red than Nancy Reagan. I showed him the jumpsuit to remind him: “It could be worse”.)

(God, the only reason I don’t wear more red now is because we have coin laundry and I’ve dyed too many whites pink in the past. Also, Vancouver is not that stylish. I love red. I actually think about this look from 2009 often, and view the present period of my life as simply biding my time until I can wear something like that appropriately.)

I also saw this, which I thought was very pretty:

Dolce and Gabbana majolica dress

But made me laugh because someone (ahem) saw a similar dress last week, and asked: “Why is it stylish to wear things that look like upholstery?”

von trapp children curtains

Obviously, someone did not watch the Sound of Music 800 times. That Dolce and Gabbana number has Liesl Von Trapp written all over it. Bachelor dandies, drinkers of brandies – take me dancing!

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