Let it Snow!

The past couple of weeks has been busy for us, not just in terms of holiday commitments, but with work and other life stresses. We put an offer on a home, so we had a whack of paperwork to do. It’s been non-stop! Last year, M was injured, and the year before, I was away and M had strep throat. We haven’t done much Christmas-ing in a while.

But, finally, we are settled, and I’m remembering what the best Christmases look like:

View this morning

Inside, with hot coffee, and no where to be. We might go out to buy ingredients for a hot cheese dip, we might not. We might stay inside and watch the snow fall or some TV. It’s anyone’s guess.

Last night we watched a little HGTV and I remembered something I often forget: M has stronger opinions about home design than I think he does, which usually makes me laugh. He’ll say: “Your call”, but then I’ll actually show him what I’m thinking, and he’ll make a face, like: “I don’t know about that.”

This was first discovered this when I mentioned my passing interest in chinoiserie. “I love just a touch of that, you know?” Like this:

Chinoiserie Vases with orange trees

Which I think is elegant. But M?: “Tacky.”

When I told my sister, her eyes opened wide: “You’ve got your hands full with him.”

During last night’s episode of Holmes Makes It Right, about a post-fire restoration, the team put a fireplace in high on the wall. So the fire would be where a TV would go: mounted high. Like this:

high mounted fireplace

M: “What is that?!”


He has a point: I want to curl up next to a fire when it’s next to my feet, not next to my head. If someone re-did my house like that, and put a fire next to my face, I wouldn’t say: “Oh, thank you Mike Holmes!”, that’s for sure. It’d sound a little more like: “Really, you wanted to put the fire up there?”

We laughed for about 10 minutes – my sister and I at M’s commentary, but also at some of the confusing design choices on the show. “Really, a lime green backsplash with those ivory cabinets?”

But that’s it, my favourite part of Christmas: being lazy and cosy and curling up to shoot the breeze. Taking time to enjoy each other.

Merry Christmas! I hope you are having as much fun with your family as I am with mine!

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