Highlights: Some Articles It’s Likely You Missed

Last week (or the one before), on my way to the office I thought: “God, I hope someone brought in donuts.”

There were none, but the next day, someone brought in a whole tray.

colourful donuts
Not the actual donuts that someone brought in, but I wouldn’t turn these down.

Yep, I manifested that sh*t 😉 I was thrilled.

This week, no donuts, but I did read/revisit some cool articles:

  1. If you too are curious about the affluenza teen, I highly recommend reading Worst Parents Ever, a profile from a Dallas-based magazine. If you’re not curious, but sometimes doubt whether or not you’d be a decent parent, it’s also worth a read. You could be worse!
  2. I’ve started running (a very little bit) again. This post about runners made me laugh: Which runner type are you? (Especially the line: “don’t trust the word wicking”).
  3. From 0 to 60!: “They decided not to do an in-vitro fertilization and came to terms with being childless, when Meeuwsen discovered in May last year she was pregnant.” with triplets! Identical triplets born.
  4. FAQs about the Zika virus, and 6 Things to Know about the Growing Outbreak
  5. How long does it take a conspiracy to unravel? A new study for all you conspiracy theorists.


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