Highlights: Vancouver… Talked about in New York City?!

I’m a little late with the weekly re-cap this week. I was going to leave it, but didn’t want to let you pass up these gems! (I threw in one from today, too).

  1. Big Data = Big Scare with Employee Health Care? (A little bit Big Brother).
  2. This guy used Big Data to help him figure out his passions: “coffee, clothing and cannabis” (gotta love consumables). That’s right, it’s a profile of a young marijuana entrepreneur in Canada’s “paper of record”. I had some Opinions after reading it: not just about the business, but also about how easy it is to get PR into papers.
  3. 82-year-old woman recovers from cancer surgery in homeless shelter. My first reaction: “that’s terrible”. But after: “Wait – what exactly is her landlord doing?” I didn’t think it took that long to clear out bedbugs… (More here).
  4. And, also from the Metro Vancouver region: the New Yorker had a profile of some Vancouverites! (Perhaps proof that Vancouver is as interesting as I think it is!) I’ve never watched the TV show it’s about (“Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver”), but liked the article. Some takeaways:
  • What? There are sociology professors who specialize in elites!? (Oh, New York City, you dog!)
  • “But she said that Westerners were too liberal on issues like marijuana and the death penalty.” Not all Westerners, Weymi! 😉
    (Just kidding – I’m pretty liberal, but I laughed at the observation. I’m guessing not a lot of marijuana entrepreneurs are profiled in China’s paper of record?)
  • Loved the twist at the end: “She didn’t want to be like her mom or older sister, always gossiping about those in the village a smidgen better off than themselves.” Oh, the sting of realizing my own provincial pettiness! Touché, Weymi! Touché!

When I Googled the show to find an image for this post, this one made me laugh:

Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver Season 1

So bitchy, yes?

When I read the Hunger Games, the depictions of the Capitol residents with all their fashion and body modification resonated a little too much. Now, whenever I think about plastic surgery, I think a little about Effie Trinket.

capitol hunger games fashion

Though, I can’t lie: yesterday, I met a friend. She told me I looked thin, and I was thrilled. For the whole rest of the day.


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