Highlights: Samantha Bee and American Growth

Ah! My weekly recaps have become “biweekly” recaps! And it’s not because I haven’t been reading cool stuff – if anything, I’ve been reading so much it’s hard to keep track.

Here’s a selection – some are older than others.

  • I’ve never heard the phrase “Zombie Economy” before, but it sounds devastating. And, at the risk of showing my roots – you think there’d be more demand if there were less systemic wealth inequality? (Ok – ok – enough from me! You’re not here for the politics! This post was actually one of my least read. I will attempt to pontificate less, I promise!)
  • Here, they’ve given electric vehicles licence to use the fast lane. Yet another reason to want a Tesla.
  • What’s Really Warming the World? (Thank you, Facebook friends!) Cool graphics.
  • An interesting vignette about George H.W. to introduce a funny take on Samantha Bee’s new show. I didn’t watch the Daily Show as much as others, but I’d heard so many good things about Full Frontal that I had to give it a shot. I laughed out loud 3 times – I’m hooked.
samantha bee
Good late night host.

Specifically, he has argued that the I.T. revolution is less important than any one of the five Great Inventions that powered economic growth from 1870 to 1970: electricity, urban sanitation, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the internal combustion engine and modern communication.

Ooo snap! But you know, he makes a point. Electricity! Sanitation! and then… Social Media. (Snapchat makes Facebook look so grown-up, it makes me sad.)



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