Watch This Now: Red Army – For all you Hockey Fans

CCCP front line hockey team

Slava Fetisov is a boss, guys. If you weren’t alive in the 1980s, or were too young to understand what, exactly the “Miracle on Ice” was, you might not know who Fetisov is.

If you watch Red Army though, after only about 3 minutes in, and see him condescend to the off-screen documentary film-maker, Gabe Polsky, even if you don’t know who Fetisov is, you will know that he is a BOSS. You will wonder at what kind of back-room Soviet-family favours Polsky had to pull to get Fetisov to agree to an interview, and you will be thankful that Polsky did, because someone had to make a movie about that hockey team and the things those boys did.

And thankfully, someone did. Because it is an incredible story – a once-in-a-lifetime story, about politics, athletes, and a beautiful game.

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