Highlights: Monica Bellucci, North Korea, and Lululemon

Someone took a photo of Z and I the other day, and when I looked at it, I laughed. We look so awkward and uncool: “God, we look like someone’s parents!”

This is not true at all for Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, who actually had children together. Imagine if this were your parents?

I thought about this after clicking though the Monica Bellucci lookbook. That, and: “I really don’t wear enough leopard print.”

Other thoughts:

  • When those siblings from Saskatchewan were detained for stripping on a sacred site in Malaysia, I had little pity. We all make small breaches of etiquette in foreign lands – we make mistakes. But there was something so flagrant about their actions – it defied common sense, that level of ignorance.Earlier this week, I read an interesting blog post about Otto Warmbier, the U.S. boy sentenced to 15 years of hard labour for stealing a banner in North Korea. North Korea is a far cry from Malaysia, of course. Warmbier will pay very, very sorely for his ignorance, but one does wonder: how could he be so thoughtless?
  • A good interview with Barney Frank. I don’t agree with everything he said – if you use media cynicism as an excuse to shirk the democratic responsibility of voting, that’s squarely on you, not the media  – but his point was well-put:

Part of the problem is there is a tendency in the media to demonize politics to the extent that it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether with Jon Stewart or House of Cards or The Big Short. It basically tells people, “Everybody stinks, they’re all no good,” and that’s one of the reasons people don’t participate.

  • I really liked the look of some of these lululemon clothes. Exciting! I will not use a corporate credit card to buy them.


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