Welcome to My Dudeoir

Dudeoir photo
Image via Masika May Photography.

While I have some saucy friends who have taken and shared provocative photos, I’m not one for them myself. I blush whenever my husband tells me he thinks I look pretty*; I don’t think I could keep a straight face while posing seductively. A “boudoir” photo shoot is out of the question: I’d snort with laughter throughout.

Z on the other hand? He could poker face through a boudoir photo shoot, for sure, and strike some very “come hither” poses.

Our local daily newspaper had a story yesterday; a Vancouver Island man had a set of boudoir photos taken for his wife’s birthday, as a gift to her. The photographer posted them online, the photos were very popular, and he landed a modelling gig: he’s now in an American Eagle commercial. It’s him in the photo above.

Hilarious, right?

You can read more about it here.

Z’s response?: “I wish I’d thought of that first.”

george clooney charming shrug

*only when I’m not fishing for it. When I’m fishing for it, I pout.

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