Highlights: Chester, Motherhood, Trades, Olympics

false killer whale pod

  • I love the friendship between Chester and Lucas. Whales are so smart and cool!
  • This woman wrote a letter to her mom for Mother’s Day. The writer and I don’t have a lot in common (I cannot imagine having the audacity to be upset with my mother for not coming to a bake sale), but I imagine if you’re a working mother, you may appreciate her sentiment.
  • Speaking of work, it’s a tough market out there for youngsters without college degrees. Super-tough. I know that my degree has helped me find employment, etc., and I totally appreciate it and enjoy my work, etc., etc., etc… But I should confess: after needing an electrician, and totally depending on ours, who was great – so professional, helpful, and bright! – I thought: “Taking a trade, and being really good at it, is fucking cool.” There is such a need for qualified, professional, hard-working tradespeople. For young people like Adam McKinley (in the article), who are looking for jobs and need to earn an income as they learn the ropes, please please consider contacting local tradesmen. Where I live, it seems they sorely need reliable, motivated help – this must be true in other places. And, to sweeten the deal, though he didn’t spend a fortune on tuition, I’m pretty sure our electrician is out-earning me like 18-fold. (Click on my ads, you motherfuckers!)
  • This made me think Vancouver could try for a Summer Olympics. We just can’t build the new hospital exactly where they want to build it. (OMG, the Winter Olympics were SO MUCH FUN.)
  • Facebook, oh Facebook: Suppressing Conservative News because they know what’s good for zee people. I have a hard time taking this one seriously – we should all spend less time on social media, and more time on real media. Besides, it’s not surprising that Facebook (aka. the original platform for narcissism, shut up GeoCities) does not hold itself to journalistic ethical standards. Puh-lease. BUT I do appreciate the chance to poke fun at Mark Zuckerberg, even though he actually does seem like he could be an okay guy….

Exhibit A: remember how he was portrayed in the social network?

social network jesse eisenberg
Boom! The ol’ t-shirt over button-down, but still not containing the spite. Brooding superiority from a Machiavellian plotter, with snappy dialogue.

Exhibit B: More social network:

Jesse Eisenberg Social Network Hoodie
Boom 2! The black hoodie at work! – symbol of success for young men everywhere. He’s so much smarter than you, he doesn’t even have to wear real clothes, and he will find a way to make millions of dollars of profit off your need to feel connected to other humans. Evil genius!

And, Exhibit C: About as far from The Social Network as you can get:

Mark Zuckerberg meme
Not exactly Machiavellian – probably closer to the truth. Silicon Valley = sooo funny.
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