Christo’s Floating Piers: A Gold Path Through the Water in Italy

Floating Piers Christo
From the Christo and Jeanne-Claude website

When I first saw images of The Gates (more than 10 years ago?! I can’t believe it!), I thought: “Wow, that is beautiful.”

The Gates, Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Last night, seeing The Floating Piers, I thought: “God, can we fly to Italy? Can we go there, today?” (This was, of course, after thinking: “Wow”.)

Floating Piers, Christo, Italy
From the New York Times

We can’t – it’s not in the cards right now – but I am jealous of all of you who can! It’s only on for a couple of weeks. Per the New York Times, who also had a great video:

At the close of its 16-day period, the walkway will be dismantled and its parts recycled and resold. “The important part of this project is the temporary part, the nomadic quality,” Christo said. “The work needs to be gone, because I do not own the work, no one does. This is why it is free.”

The man is a treasure, the work is breathtaking. What a gift, to experience an art project like that!

I hope, very much, to see Over the River, should it ever be completed.

Over the River Jeanne Claude

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