Never Forget: Fashion Has Its Victims

Recently, all, I celebrated my birthday. It was wonderful; I was showered with gifts. (That’s right – I’m a cancer. I mean, if you believe in that stuff.)

With my gifts, I went shopping. As you know, I love the shopping. I love fashion, I love seeing what’s out there. I saw some beautiful things. I came home with a new linen-blend sweater and put it on with some mascara and lip gloss and blinked at Z until he said “you look pretty”.

Having recently shopped, I can report: there are some cool things in stores. Sweaters that will make you want to drag your boyfriend to the closest mojito-serving patio; blouses that will make you want to ditch your him to go wine tasting with your lady friends.

But, fashion has its victims. From the trenches, I can report – there are some horrific pants out there.

Like these, which cost more than a thousand dollars:

ugly chloe pants


Or these, which are also more than a thousand dollars:


Sometimes, I see items of clothing like that and I think: “Does whoever made this hate women?”

In any event, those of you who are longing to shop – sitting at home, wondering: “What’s out there in pants right now?” Now you know – at the edges, some darkness.


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