I Cannot Buy The Ivanka Trump Shoes, As Cute as They Are

Ivanka Trump flats
Ivanka Trump “Chic” Flats

This is a ridiculous – RIDICULOUS – complaint, I know.

For years, YEARS, I’ve seen cute, pretty shoes – affordable and work-appropriate – that I’ve liked. And when I pick them up, I realize they’re Ivanka Trump, and I just cannot do it.

I cannot bring myself to buy a single pair of Ivanka Trump shoes. Not even these, in the coral:

Ivanka Trump cute shoes

Absolutely not.

I couldn’t do it even before the Donald’s Presidential run. Something about the modelling, and the ostentatious displays of wealth, the casinos, that place in Florida that advertises itself as “legendary, opulent and majestic” – something about it offended my inner Puritan so deeply, that even picking up those adorable, understated, chic flats, made me feel dirty.

I walked past a rack of them at Nordstrom with a friend last month, and confessed my distaste.

“Oh God, I know.” she said. “I have an Ivanka Trump blazer and I love it, but I cut the tags out because I never wanted anyone to know. It’s so cute for work.”

Fact: You cannot cut tags out of shoes.

“What’s even worse”, she said. “I have a Trump towel – there was a whole Trump hotel line of towels, and I bought one.”

Me: “No!”

Friend: “It’s true.”

No word of a lie – when I have been to my friend’s home, I have admired her towels. She has really nice towels – they all look like this:

floral towel woven bath

Friend: “In fact, the towel you used last time, that was Trump.”

Me: “No!”

You know where that would never happen? At the Marriott. It may be run by Republicans, but not that kind of Republican.

*an aside – yesterday, I linked to an article in a publication run by Ivanka Trump’s husband. The article was good; I had an actual crisis on whether or not I should. Apologies – never again!

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