Watch This Now: Westworld

westworld hbo old west scene

This weekend, we powered through 3 episodes of HBO’s new series, Westworld. I loved it, and am excited for tonight’s fourth episode.

I don’t usually like Westerns (except No Country for Old Men), but this one has a healthy dose of Sci Fi and dystopia. I’ve also seen it compared to Lost, a “mystery box” show. I didn’t watch Lost, but if you did (and loved it), J.J. Abrams is an executive producer on Westworld, so the comparison may not be too far off.

westworld hbo robot being built

The show is big – maybe not as epic as Game of Thrones (my all-time favourite show) – but similarly complex. There must be 10 principle characters so far.

There are other new shows on HBO (eg. Divorce, for all you Catastrophe fans), but Westworld is the only one I’ve made time to watch.

And now it’s on my “can’t miss” list.

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