How Much Would You Spend on a Candle?

This past weekend, I stayed with a friend. She put me in her guest suite (so fancy!) and had this lovely hand soap in the bathroom: it smelled like rum.

I love rum. Not the rum you smell on your skin the morning after you’ve had one too many rum-and-cokes, but the rum of a nice glass of rum punch, or a tropical cocktail, or whatever. The hand soap smelled like the warm rum & it was by a company called Malin + Goetz, out of New York (also fancy). The description of the scent on their site is as follows:

Top notes of bergamot and plum; middle notes of rum and leather; base notes of amber-patchouli, and vanilla.

Ooh, bergamot and vanilla? Sign me up!

My friend, of course, had picked up the soap on a work trip, where it was a gift. I found it on the internet, and noticed that they have a scented candle version, too.

I love scented candles. Z too. We are always burning scented candles. In fact, just last week we had a (fairly) serious conversation about scented candle quality, where we complained about the poor quality of some scented candles we’d been burning, and agreed to stick to the higher quality candles. (Common interests = essential.)

So you’d think I’d have no problem shelling out for a candle, right?

But I balked: the site is in the United States, so the candle would work out, before shipping, to be $70. (Darn exchange rate!) And that’s if I could get it shipped to Canada.

In Canada? I checked – on Canadian Amazon, the same candle is…. (drumroll) $241! And not for one of those giant candles, either – for under 100g of candle.


$250 for a candle?

I dunno, guys.

Amazon is definitely out. Instead, I have liked Malin + Goetz on Facebook, and am going to wait for a coupon code. Then I will stock up! And not just on the candle, but probably the body wash too.


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