Grief and Fleabag

I’d heard all sorts of things about Fleabag before I watched it. How funny it is, how smart. What I wasn’t prepared for when I watched it was the grief. Fleabag is a portrait of a woman in grief. In season 1, which I thought was the more interesting season, we meet Fleabag after she…

Would You Leave the Workforce?

Eons ago, we watched Ali Wong’s standup routine on Netflix, Baby Cobra. Without giving too much away, she had some funny parts (I thought) about wanting to leave the workforce. “Housewives” she said, “are geniuses.” I laughed, very hard. (Z not so much.) Around that time, I’d also had a conversation with a couple of…

Watch This Now: Tower

Tower is a largely animated documentary, telling about the 1966 mass shootings from the Tower at the University of Texas, Austin, considered the first mass campus murder in America. It’s less about school shootings in general, and almost not at all about the killer, and instead about the victims and events of the day, as…

We’re Watching: 7 Days in Hell

This tennis mockumentary came out a while ago, but I only finally watched it this week. It did not disappoint. It’s quick – it’s only 43 minutes – but very funny, and some of the comedic timing is excellent. (I particularly enjoyed Lena Dunham’s delivery.) Well worth a watch!

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