We’re Watching: 7 Days in Hell

This tennis mockumentary came out a while ago, but I only finally watched it this week. It did not disappoint. It’s quick – it’s only 43 minutes – but very funny, and some of the comedic timing is excellent. (I particularly enjoyed Lena Dunham’s delivery.) Well worth a watch!

Protest and Democracy are Friends

Last week, I wrote about patriotism, and I mentioned the protests of Donald Trump’s inauguration. I questioned joining those protests. Last week seems like a long time ago. It’s before we choked on our coffee: “Oh god, looks like he’s actually going to build a wall. I’d hoped that was just empty election posturing.” Obviously,…

What is a Patriot?

Last week, I read this question and answer in an advice column: Question: … But as a patriotic American, I find myself in a quandary when the students recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Should we stop for a moment, out of respect, or keep walking? Answer: … Patriotism has little to do with flag-waving or fetishizing the national anthem.…

Focus, Focus, Focus 2017!

Last night, I realized I’d been pushing myself a little too much. Z and I have a few irons in the fire, and I keep trying to toss in more. I’d even sent my brother-in-law a meme to describe our* approach to personal finance earlier in the day. It doesn’t just apply to our personal…

Watch This Now: Hidden Figures

It’s been a long time since I loved a movie as much as I loved Hidden Figures. Sure, it’s a biopic – it’s a sort of formulaic biopic – but man, they do it so well! The acting is great, the script is great, and even though there might not have been any shocking twists…

Is Camo…. Going to Come Back?

I saw this jacket on a blog’s Christmas gift guide, and thought it was so cute. Granted, it was just a thumbnail, and it was a gift guide for “your brother in law who hunts” or something, but still. Made me wonder: guys, is camo due for a comeback?

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