What is a Good Life?

It’s been a while since I posted links to excellent articles I’ve read, but don’t worry – here are three thought-provoking pieces, which share a theme. Gorgeous short story in the New Yorker, about life. Fraud committed by TTC employees The WeWork Founders and their yoga-inspired business plan

On Being Awkward

Many, many years ago – in highschool, in fact! – some friends and I were on a trivia team. We actually competed on a nation-wide quiz show. Some of the answers we got, some of the answers the other team beat us to the buzzer, and a couple of the answers we got wrong. One…

Grief and Fleabag

I’d heard all sorts of things about Fleabag before I watched it. How funny it is, how smart. What I wasn’t prepared for when I watched it was the grief. Fleabag is a portrait of a woman in grief. In season 1, which I thought was the more interesting season, we meet Fleabag after she…

Well, well. Look Who’s Back.

It’s me! I’m back! Back, and with a living, breathing baby daughter. 🙂 A while back, I mentioned that I was having a hard time getting pregnant. That turned out to be an understatement. Getting and staying pregnant became an obsession for me; doctor’s appointments and research and crying and trying to find people, women,…

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