Highlights: fancy cars and dental floss

Lookin' Good.
Lookin’ Good.

Z knows more – way more – about cars than I do, but between us, I’m the one who wants a classic car more. Possibly because, when push comes to shove, I’m the less financially responsible. If money were no object, Z would opt for a nice, well-running German import, slightly newer model.

I’m the one who would somehow – some way – find a way to justify some 1968-model convertible that you could only drive once-a-month in perfect weather, even though I’d probably have to spend a couple of expensive weeks just learning how to drive it.

But, as this woman found: I’d way rather sink my time, money and effort into a classic car than botox. Aging gracefully should be fun!

Is flossing a web of lies?!


And, finally – a little-heard voice on the Vancouver housing market.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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