Election 2016: How Close Was It, Actually?

Here are the 2008 Election Results:

Courtesy NY Times
Courtesy NY Times

Here are the 2016 Election Results, to date:

Courtesy Politico
Courtesy Politico

You probably know now that Donald Trump had 279 Electoral College votes, and 59,611,678 popular votes; Hillary Clinton had 228 Electoral College votes, and 59,814,018 popular votes. 270 Electoral College votes wins.

Those numbers are tight, so the race was won in the swing states.

Which ones?

I think these are the tightest races:

  • Trump won the 29 Florida Electoral College votes by 119,770.
  • Trump won the 20 Pennsylvania Electoral College votes by 68,236.
  • In Wisconsin, it was 27,257 (for 10 EC votes).
  • Iowa, 148,133 (for 6 EC votes).
  • In Michigan, 11,837 for 16 EC votes.

That means, Donald Trump is the victor by 107,330 votes, in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Every vote does count.

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