Highlights: Dogs, Cartoons and Some Excellent Long-form Journalism

Paul Noth Cartoon New Yorker

I think my favourite instagram feed is the New Yorker Cartoon Feed. It is well-worth your time.

Speaking of funny, saw this ages ago, and it still makes me laugh. My cat has never met a keyboard she doesn’t like:

cats in space funny cat

  • About Domestic Cats: “For in truth, the humble house cat is one of the most stunning organisms on the planet. No creature is more exquisitely sensitive, and yet none is hardier. None beguiles us more but needs us less.

On dogs:

One of my favourite things to do on the weekend is have a cup of coffee and read a long piece of journalism – not fast headlines, but something complicated, multifaceted, and worth savouring. Here are two great options:

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